Thursday, June 17, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 16 June

I did this in two parts, partly because I had already planned on commuting to school this morning and partly because there was a thunderstorm brewing and I got caught in rain about 6 miles in tonight. I road around Cumming, since I was up there getting my car fixed (yea, I have A/C and blowers now!) The road the house is on is actually part of a weekly route for one of the cycling clubs in Cumming (this club has 4 groups that ride on Wednesdays, it was incredible to see so many cyclists out at once), and I ended up passing them at two different points on my ride (going uphill both times, I swear I wanted to say something about how I was obviously going the wrong way as they whipped by).

C grew up in the area and told me a safe route to go and, while I missed a turn (but was able to make up for it with my keen sense of direction), it ended up being a very nice ride. It was pretty, the area was nice. My only regret is that, by missing the turn, I didn't get the fabulous payoff at the end of coming down the beautifully steep hill that I started off climbing (it was a 2% grade, so not bad, just about a half mile long and from a dead stop).

Commute Stats:
Maximum speed: 28.1 mph
Average speed: 12.0 mph
Distance: 5.10 mi
Time: 0.25.34

Cumming Stats:
Maximum speed: 32.7 mph
Average speed: 15.8 mph
Distance: 11.28 mi
Time: 0.42.42

With the open offer to stop there whenever I feel like it, especially on Wednesdays, I am considering going to Cumming and joining their weekly Wednesday ride.

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