Saturday, June 5, 2010

Training Ride - Saturday, 5 June

Today was supposed to be 30 miles. There was no way that was going to happen, and for two very good reasons.

1. I had to work on the deck, as it was a good day. After the 2.5 hours I spent on it today, there are still (by my estimation) about 11.5 hours of work remaining and only a week in which to squeeze them.

2. I am marching in the Mendon parade tonight. Yes, it's only a couple of miles, but it's a couple of miles with a 50lb snare drum slung over my shoulder. And I have to be there at 5:30p. If I had started the deck (and then lunch and then my ride) a couple hours earlier (i.e., 9:00a) I could've gotten a full 30 miles in.

As it is, I did 20 miles, and the first 10 were into a headwind. It was just not my day, so instead of the ambitious hilly route I had planned on doing for 17 miles I did 20 on the canal. Smart thing. I will do 20-25 miles tomorrow, instead of 15, to make up for the ten I missed today. Tomorrow is going to be brutal.

Maximum speed: 27.9 mph
Average speed: 15.2 mph
Distance: 20.23 mi
Time: 1.19.39

To illustrate the significance of the headwind, today's route was purely an out-and-back: same terrain in both directions. OUT I averaged 14.3 mph and BACK I was able to bring that up to 15.2. Killer.

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