Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lack of Training - all week, folks

You, dear readers, might have noticed some relative silence on the UC blog this week (since Sunday, mostly). Due to a deadline (tonight, Thursday), and an oppressive lack of motivation this week, I did not get on the bike. I am in Cumming (after a panicky drive up to get help with SAS out of fear that I would, yet again, not have results for a deadline) and, while I have the bike, I in the car and hacking away on the computer when the ride out of here would have started last night.

I had hoped to make up the ride tonight, but that didn't happen, either. I did, however, pick a boatload of elderberries in preparation for the weekend so, in some regards, I was successful. I think that by getting both berries AND, more importantly, results and a proposal that my advisor said was well written (actually, "you are getting good at writing!" which Mrs. Short has always known: it's surprising what not being under the gun will do for one's fluency) I had a good week.

It doesn't mean that 60 miles on Saturday won't be killer, but maybe this was a good excuse? I still kind of hate myself for missing the ride, but if it weren't for self-loathing, would anything ever get done? I'll consider it the path to self-improvement.

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  1. I didn't ride either this week. Mostly due to doctor stuff. But, I figure that everyone's entitled to an off week!