Monday, July 26, 2010

Training Ride - GTR Saturday, 24 July

Sorry for the silence, folks. I really did ride on Saturday, but I didn't have my computer with me and I didn't want to hijack M's for the purpose of posting here. I know you have been champing at the bit for an update, so here goes.

Saturday's ride was hot. Very hot. I mean hot. But, despite the very, very, intense, oppressive heat and humidity, the ride was basically awesome. I did drop my chain in the first 10 miles (that pissed me off, believe me) but, as we were in PTC, it wasn't too much of an issue because the ride was mostly rollers, with only a few rises. And, better still, it was a large portion of what we will be riding in one month. That's right, boys and girls, the Big Day is about one month away, on 29 August.

You may not realize it, but I am stoked. Saturday was awesome, yes it was hot and I was sweaty, but I felt GREAT afterward. I am considering riding another century (not with TNT) here in GA (there's one in September in Cartersville, which is where we trained last week, and it was amazing), and a couple of others in October and November. Pretty freaking sweet.

Anyway, I felt like a freaking champ-een after the ride on Saturday, except for a whanging headache that kicked in around 4:00p. I swear, I drink so much water on the ride (and before... and after...) I don't understand this dehydration thing. I will keep at it, and try to hydrate even MORE the day before the ride, but that's the best I can do.

Maximum speed: 33.3 mph
Average speed: 15.6 mph
Distance: 59.58 mi
Time: 3.48.15

I'm making damn good time on these rides (of course, this is riding time and doesn't include stopping time), and see no reason why I can't do this sucker real quick-like.

Yesterday (Sunday), I was supposed to do a recovery ride of about 30 miles. Instead, I went to Tucker to help L with her yard work -- it was easily in the mid-ninties by 11:00 when I got to her house, but we trooped on, being very conscientious about getting hydration breaks. Two and a half hours of hard, hot labor later, my legs were ready to give out, but we were done. So, I think that counts quite nicely as a recovery, as my legs were moving and working. I hate stairs.

I am looking forward to toodling around at the lake in a couple weeks. Even if it is hilly, it'll be a change in scenery and environment, and a proper vacation. w00t!

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