Saturday, July 10, 2010

Training Ride - GTR Saturday, 10 July

Today we rode the same route (Silk Sheets) as last week, so it was fun to ride it again and compare times. I was faster by .1mph this week, but I think that's because I was in No Man's Land for the first 16 miles and averaged 16.9mph during that time -- it was hard core and brutal. At 16mi we had our first SAG stop, at which I hooked up with Curtis and rode at a much more reasonable pace. I think that first 16 miles took a lot out of me, the ride felt harder than it did last week (though it was also hotter, we started a little later, etc).

All told, though, it was a REALLY good ride. I felt good, I had only minor shifting problems (Coach Dave adjusted the front derailleur, so I should be OK *knock on wood*), I know how to fix the shoes/pedals problem, and my knee didn't bother me. What a great day!

Maximum speed: 32.7 mph
Average speed: 15.5 mph
Distance: 50.46 mi
Time: 3.14.35

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