Monday, July 26, 2010

YTD Mileage

Hi kids,

I feel the need to brag a little bit here. For the last several years, my seasonal goal has been to ride 1000 miles. I almost made it in 2008, when I was short by only about 80 miles (I'm still disappointed with myself, because I hardly rode after August that year, so there was no excuse, really, except laziness).

This year, however, I have made it, in no small part due to my training with TNT for the Wilson 100.

Since January (13 January, to be specific), I have ridden 1004.39 miles. Since 12 May (when I began training), I have ridden 786.76 miles. That's a lot of miles (especially when one considers that my commute is only 5 miles round-trip... at the longest).

I am thrilled to have finally reached that goal, and hope to double it (?!) this year. It shouldn't be too difficult, given the possible plan of riding a couple more centuries this fall, and the obvious need to train for them.