Saturday, July 31, 2010

Training Ride - Saturday, 31 July

Well, folks, you might have noticed another week of total silence (except for the update about last week's GTR). And, you might have thought to yourself "Megan's slacking off again." And, you would be right. I didn't ride this week after the GTR in Peachtree City, but I did do 2+ hours of yard work on Sunday, and I have run/walked/hiked between 2 and 4 miles every day this week. And my entire body is exhausted and tired. So, it was with all of this weighing on me that I joined the TEAM today for a 70-mile jaunt from Vinings past Six Flags and Douglasville.

It was a long, hot day.

My right knee (especially) is really sore -- I need to get my bike fitted. Fortunately, it's not really the knee so much as it is the tendon, which is why I'm pretty sure that it's just a fit issue. Also, notice I said we rode out of Vinings. My old nemesis from an epic fail of a recovery ride from a few weeks ago. I made it through all of those hills--TWICE. That's why my knee(s) hurt(s). (My left knee joint hurts, and has hurt, and I attribute that to the jogging/hiking).

I did not feel great today on the ride, though my speed was pretty good until we hit the hot hills toward the end. My stomach was upset at first, and my legs were tired and knees were achey (like flu achey) and then I was just hot and tired. Around mile 40 I decided that I hated the ride (but not to the point of quitting or cursing at the world, just wanted it to be over). As you can see, dear readers, I made it to the end, as I knew I would, and I'm proud of myself. I just need to be awesome this week before heading up north and be on the bike as much as I can. I think I will also ask Dad to bring his and Mom's bikes to the lake after all. Or, I'll find a gym and spin for an hour a day. I just need to ride.

Maximum speed: 35.4 mph
Average speed: 14.5 mph
Distance: 17.44 mi
Time: 4.54.16


  1. Still not a bad average speed! We'll have to ride when you get back. I'm gonna try to do SC tomorrow. We'll see. Not sure about clipping.

  2. Gah! I totally posted a reply to this before! Sorry! Let me know about riding tomorrow (I may/may not ride with Curtis in the am.. 7:30a, if you are able)

    Hope you're all right!