Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quilt Progress: top (almost) done!

Like V, I started cutting and piecing my quilt with the long weekend.

Except for the border (because I don't know what fabric to use for it, and possibly may not even HAVE fabric to use for it), the top has been completely pieced.

After agonizing over how to lay out the blocks (seriously, it was a several-hour ordeal), I finally called ARA and she said to do whatever I wanted (which led to more agonizing). Ultimately, I ended up with a pattern that I'm REALLY happy with.

I really like the contrast the red and the deep brown make with the lighter colors, and I'm really pleased in general how it turned out.


  1. your quilt top is wonderful. you should be proud. but then i would expect this because of your aunt.

  2. oh no i just got it 1 spoke . lol to funny.

  3. 1 spoke over the line Sweet Jesus
    1 spoke over the line.
    Waitin' downtown in a railway station
    1 spoke over the the line...

  4. Lynn, thank you so much! You guys crack me up!