Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recovery Ride - Sunday, 13 March

Today the Kirkwood group rode the Stone Mountain ride again, and it was a great ride. It wasn't too windy, and the weather really was about perfect (I had to take off my base layer at the park). I rode the B group with K, and it was just a really positive, fun ride. She's on the Fletcher team, so I certainly plan to ride the event with her then, and possibly get gimmicky with the fund raising, too.

Afterwards, she, G, and I stayed and had lunch, which was fun and very tasty (though I probably should only have eaten half the sandwich).

All around, a great day. I need to ride tomorrow for a proper recovery, though, so that I don't want to die in the middle of the week.


Maximum speed: 32.7 mph
Average speed: 13.0 mph
Distance: 33.18 mi
Time: 2.32.58


  1. megan you are amazing, please pig out on donuts so i feel better.

  2. Sorry, Lynn, I don't like donuts. I am heartily enjoying a cup of Greek yogurt, though, if that makes any difference : )