Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekday Ride - Thursday, 24 March

This week's Brookhaven ride was no less exciting or enjoyable than last week's, which is saying something, because last week's was good. It was a windy ride last night, with temperatures in the mid-60s. Thank goodness Cindy had a spare pair of arm warmers (and thank goodness that it's the end of the winter season, such that all the cold weather gear is dramatically discounted).

Maximum speed: 28.3 mph
Average speed: 13.9 mph
Distance: 20.28 mi
Time: 1.27.00

It was, again, nice to just push it, though I'm disappointed that I just missed 14.0 for my average speed (I blame the slow roll into and then through the parking lot at the end). I felt really good on the climbs and just overall. It was a *great* ride.  Recommitment was last night, too, so it was great to see most of the team and to try on the new (tease!) jersey. I'm looking forward to Fletcher, as it's going to be a great time.

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