Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekday Ride - Thursday, 17 March

This was the first time I joined the weekly Thursday Brookhaven ride, which is good timing because this was the first such ride this year. That's right, two kick-offs for regular rides this week. I rode two loops, the first with C and V primarily, and then we picked up D about halfway into the second loop, as that's when we crossed paths with the A group. I had a great time, and the weather was glorious. It's so great to have an excuse (and the time) to go riding, and I'm so lucky to get to go so much this week.


Maximum speed: 28.7 mph
Average speed: 13.6 mph
Distance: 20.38 mi
Time: 1.28.18

It was a great ride for so many reasons: a lot of people showed up, the weather was awesome, the route is sweet,, and I just felt really good. We stayed at Elwood's for pizza and beer and good conversation afterwards. All told, it was an excellent night; especially having played hooky during the day, thus putting me outdoors for about 8 hours on an amazing day. The only thing is that today I am absolutely exhausted. I am totally looking forward to making these weekday rides regularly.


  1. I was thinking I must be D. Further reading into your post from Saturday confirmed my suspicion when I read that D got a flat tire. What will you call me if a Dave or Diane starts riding with us? By the way...congrats on hitting 100% of your fundraising goal already. - Dan

  2. Yes, you're D. I just have to remember who the different Ds (and Cs and Js) are on each ride. : )

    Thanks! I didn't see you after the ride this weekend, so I hope you had a good one!

  3. Hmmm - maybe you need to go riding with this D sometime soon. :-)

  4. Maybe this D should let me know when she's available for just such an outing. : ) My planned rides this week:

    1. Wednesday Intown Ride (wheels down at 5:30p from Atkins Park)
    2. Thursday Brookhaven Loops (wheels down at 6:00p)

    And, since it's spring break at Tech, I hope to ride on Tuesday, too, just to loosen up the legs and because I missed riding today.

  5. If you are riding on Tuesday, you should do the ride to the capitol. There are routes from all over, but the 21 mile route from Roswell will be police escorted with intersection closures all the way down Roswell Rd and Piedmont to the Capitol Building. Roswell is a little dicey for parking, so I am thinking of parking at the North Springs MARTA station and riding 1.75 mile (according to up Peachtree Dunwoody and across Dalrymple to Roswell Rd and picking up the escorted group there. Anybody else want to go that way.


  6. Dan, good suggestion. Do I have 42 miles in me? Will that be the hilly part of Roswell? I think you have the right idea for parking... I will let you know... don't let me forget.

    What time?

  7. I can't comment on whether or not you can ride 42 miles. But I know I'm not going to do that much. I am parking at North Springs so that I can jump on the train at Five Points after riding into downtown. That is also an option for starting the ride, since you live in town. You can just ride the train north, and then pedal back. I wouldn't mind riding back home for the exercise, but I am not crazy enough to ride up Roswell Rd or any other major road in regular daytime traffic...without a police escort. I am only going to brave these kind of streets at the escorted times.

  8. IIIIII see. The problem before came from my lack of knowledge of road names. Now I get what you're doing... sort of.

    You can take bikes on the train?

    And, again... what time? : )

  9. Okay, answering that question about time took awhile because I needed to figure out several factors, none of which were going to be easy on a Droid. Anyway, the official ride starts at 9:45. They should be crossing Dalrymple Rd (where I suggest we pick them up) at around 10:15 AM. It should take no more than 10 minutes to ride from MARTA to that intersection. So, if we planned to arrive at North Springs by 10AM, we should be golden. You think it's to short notice to post this suggestion to the rest of the team? Do you think any of them are irresponsible enough to cancel their Tuesday morning workday plans to go bike riding?

    If you want to keep making plans, email me at This logging in to the blog stuff is to slow.