Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Buckhead Hills - Tuesday, 21 June

So much for giving up on the hills tonight. I'm too suggestible, and rise to a challenge (e.g., "stop being a wuss") too easily, so of COURSE I decided to go do more hills. On the same roads I'd already ridden. Only a few times did I catch myself saying "stupid, stupid, stupid", and that was more toward the beginning. I felt really good on this ride, much better than I did commuting today, and was a lot faster. It was incredible the difference I felt between the heavy Fuji (and rack and panniers) and the light Felt (sans extra crap). And, despite holding up TWO people tonight (J and G), I didn't feel too bad about it, because I felt a lot better than the last time I'd ridden this route. The weird thing lately is that my arms have felt very weak on the rides. I'm conscientious about not gripping too tightly, especially on hills, but even so they get a little fatigued/shaky.


Maximum speed: 39.5 mph
Average speed: 13.9 mph
Distance: 17.90 mph
Time: 1.16.47

G said that we climbed about 1400', too, so that brings today's total to approximately 3800' of climbing in about 45 miles.That's basically the gaps again, but with the enjoyable reality of descents more reasonably spaced today. And, of course, with 2-4 hours down time between legs.

I was nervous before this ride, because I was hungry, but not (my stomach was weird all day). I had eaten a big lunch, but still felt a bit peckish once I got home. And, once I decided to ride in Buckhead, I knew that I would have to eat something to make it through. I mentally composed a haiku around mile 10 about my experience with that:

Eating a Clif bar
Is like unwrapping a turd
Won't go down easy

I also started telling boobie jokes to myself. It was a great night.

ETA: I just looked at the stats from the last time I did this ride, and I was decidedly slower tonight. Loser.

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