Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kirkwood Sunday Ride - Sunday, 19 June

Today we rode out to Stone Mountain again, and we had a lot of new, fun people. I had a great time meeting the new folks, and swept the ride with them. I didn't do the loop around the mountain, but I felt good the whole time (probably because of the pace), despite yesterday's ride. I got a flat (glass) on the way back, but it was in the front and a really quick fix. I'm glad I felt so good, because I got to the ride start with a pretty sour stomach, which hasn't happened in the morning in a while. Even so, I'm glad I forced down my breakfast (and that the gas station across the street had Tums).


Maximum speed: 30.2 mph
Average speed: 11.5 mph
Distance: 27.59 mi
Time: 2.22.31

Mine was the second flat of the day, and both were in the front. However, that was not the last flat: I got home and, upon getting my bike off the car, discovered that I had hit the second patch of glass (about a mile from the finish) pretty solidly (I pulled out two sizable, for sticking in the tire, pieces), which apparently tore a bigger-than-expected hole in my (new) rear tire and causing a second flat. I need a new tire and more tubes, because replacing the rear will officially exhaust my supply, I think. I also need a new patch kit (my glue is dry), and I REALLY need to get a new frame pump (again), because if A hadn't been there with his, I would have been up shit creek.

Still, it was a great ride and I'm looking forward to next week.

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