Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today's Ride In - Tuesday, 21 June

I don't know if I'm going to update this each and every time I ride in and home this summer, but I feel the need to reflect on this, my first commute from (groan with me) Smyrna. The heavier bike, rack, and full panniers made for a much different 13 miles than I had expected. I missed a turn off of Northside onto Mt Paran, but I just stayed on Northside and made it fine (despite some lousy drivers).


Maximum speed: 45.43 mph
Average speed: 13.6 mph
Distance: 13.52 mi
Time: 0.59.31

My total riding time, including lights, was about an hour and ten minutes, which is about right for this commute. If I hadn't missed the turn, I would have shaved off almost a mile, too. I wasn't thrilled today, because I felt slow (again, I blame the weighty-ness of the ride), but I kind of did this to myself by moving, and I don't really have an alternative. So, I will instead tell myself that I am looking forward to these rides this summer.

I am sad already that I will likely miss the weekday rides with the team, though. I will figure a way around it.

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