Friday, August 19, 2011

ADK and Brookhaven

Last week was about as lovely as can be. True, I didn't read the usual 3 books or spend oodles of time skiing or on the boat (or even in a kayak) and I slept on the floor for half of it, but it was an excellent vacation. G proved his mettle by meeting the whole family in an intense week of full-on Lutzness and coming out relatively unscathed.

During that time, I "trained" for this weekend's sprint tri by way of hiking almost daily, going on one morning run of 2.7 miles, doing two open-water swims (of approximately 550-600m and 1100-1200m in length), and wrapping it all up with one ~26.66-mile bike ride (in two parts) two and from Old Forge.


This reminds me: I need to get my cyclocomputer from school before the race tomorrow.


Anyway, I don't have stats on that ride, because neither of us were clipped in, and it was just a pleasant outing to Old Forge, where we had pop with the boat people (the cousins leaving that day) and failed to meet up with A,R, R, and M for Nutty Putty. We must have just missed them, as we were out there for a couple hours before riding back.


Last night was the first group ride I've been on in weeks, when I rejoined the usual Thursday night Brookhaven ride. It was an eventful ride for J, who broke his collarbone on the wet roads. Hope you get better soon, Coach!

Otherwise, V and I decided we would "taper", and so we rode only 1.5 loops and got in extra pizza waiting for everyone else (we didn't know until heading home that J had been hurt).


Maximum speed: 27.01 mph
Average speed: 14.83 mph
Distance: 14.66 mi
Time: 00.59.16

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