Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wilson 100 (km) - Sunday, 28 August

Yesterday, G and I went down to lovely Senoia, GA for the Wilson 100. We wisely decided a few days ago that the metric distance would be best, as we haven't been putting long hours in on the bike in a while. We met C at the start (and a few other TNT folk) and headed off.

The weather was great to start, sunny but cool and dry. By the end of the ride, it had climbed into the low- to mid-90s and was getting pretty gross (and all the shade had disappeared at noon), but it was still, mercifully, dry. I decided that I was not going to kill myself riding and that I would simply go the pace that felt good. Going into mile 50 that meant averaging around 17.3mph. After mile 50 (we had stopped to visit with fellow TNT alumni, and my former mentees, M & A), we hit a constant headwind and something of a wall. We limped in (C dropped G and me) and were finally, happily, finished. Again, it was wise not to have tried the full distance, however good we felt in the morning. I would have eaten better, but it still would have been uncomfortable.

At around mile 52, the peloton of riders attempting a sub-four full blew past us. I did not care to join them (I was comfortably tootling along at around 16-17), but C and G hopped on for a few miles. The riders passed too closely to me for comfort. I concentrated on going straight.


Maximum speed: 37.3 mph
Average speed: 16.4 mph
Distance: 65.85 mi
Time: 3.59.53

A sub-four metric! (I've already done this season,  and faster, but whatever)

All told, it was a good ride. And, it helped bring into focus how out of shape I am (a lot) and how unprepared I am for Nation's Tri (incredibly).

Total mileage this year: 2133.04 Goooo Me!

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