Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Just In!

Hello friends! Great news, my wonderful ARA has volunteered to not only donate the fabric for the raffle quilt this year, but to just go ahead and make the darn thing. If you'll recall, she has donated the beautiful fabric for the past two years, and last year also did the quilting. She has been making quilts for as long as I can remember (her quilting blog can be found here, though it doesn't do the body of her work justice), and she is incredibly gifted. She taught me everything I know (and more that I don't know and just won't retain), so whoever the winner is this year is one lucky devil.

Thus, let the raffle chances buying begin! All you need to do is donate at least $5 and you are automatically entered to win!  The raffle schedule is as follows:

    $5 = 1 chance
  $20 = 5 chances (that's a bargain!)
  $50 = 15 chances (she's going crazy!)
$100 = 50 chances (whoa Nelly!)

Check here for pictures of the fabric selection and updates!

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