Monday, January 9, 2012

Training Has (Un)Officially Begun!

This past weekend I finally got out on the bike. TWICE, if you can believe it. Saturday was a beautiful day for a bike ride -- cool but not windy or rainy. It was a truly gorgeous day. Sunday was a bit ickier, with more wind and less warmth, but still a good day for a ride out to the mountain. I felt it was important to get two rides in because

1. I'm going to be doing that, anyway, come February
2. I want to have a good base so that I can focus on the participants once training gets going
3. I am woefully out of shape

This need to ride coincided (unfortunately?) with my determination to start running, so I had run twice earlier in the week. I don't think that helped.

Saturday (Brookhaven) Stats:
Maximum speed: 28.8 mph
Average speed: 14.2 mph
Distance: 15.31 mi
Time: 1.04.01

Sunday (KSR) Stats:
Maximum speed: 32.5 mph
Average speed: 13.1 mph
Distance: 27.73 mi
Time: 2.05.49

I felt tired and sore after each, and my left knee (tendons, really) hurt yesterday and today, but it still felt really good being on the bike. It was nice to see the KSR folks again, and though I was the slowest both days, I think I have a good season ahead of me.

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