Saturday, January 26, 2013

This week and last week - what a trip

I'll start out with this: I've been bad about my Wednesday runs. I have a hard time talking myself into going up to Brookhaven to run, but even this week I was already up there (and dressed and ready to go), but didn't do it. This has to change.

That said, I'm still pleased with my running. Last Saturday I ran my longest distance yet, with a notable hill on Johnson Ferry Rd. I also ran most of the second half of that run by myself -- I'm such a tough cookie. I've been doing the Sunday bike rides (slowly) and getting the Tuesday/Thursday runs in (will some turkey talk to get me out there), but I haven't yet managed to swing riding to school those days in addition to running. It's hard knowing that I'll be riding home in the dark on Tuesdays because of when lab gets out (MARTA is a reasonable alternative for that portion of the commute), and hard to get the timing right for a 45-minute commute one way plus a 40-50 minute run. As the days get longer, I suspect this will be less of a problem, but for now I'm letting it get in my way.

Last Saturday's stats:

Average pace: 10:20 (10:29) min/mi
Distance: 13.98 mi
Time: 2.24.42 (2.26.22)
I'm not posting HR stuff because it's still incredibly off, even with the new positioning and batteries. I'm not sure what to make of it.

I wanted to jog around the parking lot to round out the 13.98 to 14, but I was one of the last people in and everyone was in the lot cheering for me, and I didn't want to look like a jackass. We ran at the river, so it was pretty and nice. The sun balanced the coolness in the air perfectly.

This morning we did a step back in our distance (the last, I believe, until we taper), and did 10 miles out of the church. I ran with D and P (and T! A great kid) for the first three miles or so, but then the two routes split and I was by myself for another three miles or so. I caught another group of ladies who were happy to let me join them and chat away, so I finished strong and in good company.


Average pace: 10:42 (10:51) min/mi
Distance: 9.94 mi (because I forgot to start the watch until about a quarter mile in)
Time: 1.46.18 (1.47.54)

As proof, the Garmin said I averaged 178 bpm over the 10 miles, which is nearly 90% of my max. This, clearly, cannot be.

Taken before the run. I feel like an asshole, because T took the picture
and is therefore not in it. He ran 6 miles today, what a trooper!
All told, I felt really good today. I was missing C, though, who has been ordered not to run for at least two weeks to ward off an imminent injury. : (  I'm looking forward to riding with her tomorrow, though, and hope she's doing better.

Finally, for those of you who think I've given up completely on fundraising now that I've met my minimum, there's a fun game coming down the pipes this week, so keep your eyes peeled. If you don't need an incentive to give, however, just click on the link to the right now and give me your money, no questions asked.

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